Wissenschaftliches Schreiben und Publizieren

Online course on "how to publish"

Provided by AERA's (American Educational Reserach Association) Virtual Reserach Learning Center.

Lectures given by emerging scholars who have learned how to navigate the complex and demanding publication process successfully, and senior scholars who have acquired expertise in foundational aspects of publication.

Instructors present an overview of hte publishing process, from conceptualizing studies to preparing well- crafted manuscripts and from submission through review and resubmission. Question and answer sessions follow both presentations by the emerging scholars and the senior scholars.

Costs: $ 55.00

Preview the course here.

Schreibwerkstatt Mehrsprachigkeit

Informieren Sie sich über das Konzept und die Angebote der Schreibwerkstatt Mehrsprachigkeit. Diese spezielle Schreibwerkstatt sitzt an der Universität Hamburg und unterstützt (Lehramts-)Studierende mit und ohne Migrationshintergrund beim wissenschaftlichen Schreiben.

Weiterhin findet sich im Blog der Schreibwerkstatt eine ausführliche Übersicht von Leitlinien zum wissenschaftlichen Schreiben.


Editing and Proofreading English Academic Texts

Alison Lowry-Steinforth, based in Frankfurt, offers editing and proofreading services for English academic texts. Being an academic English specialist, she regulary holds qualification courses on English academic writing, for example at the DIPF. Please find here her offer for editing and proofreading services.