Das Projekt Multilingual Manchester startet "A Language Forum for Manchester"

The Forum will focus on the advantages of maintaining community languages, on innovative ways of meeting interpretation and translation needs, and on ways to provide support for people to learn English. Another key driver is to harness Manchester’s language diversity and use this asset to benefit the city and its people in the future.

The Language Forum will link up key sectors in the city and invite participation from interested stakeholders.

The Forum is convened by The University of Manchester’s Multilingual Manchester project in collaboration with NHS Manchester Clinical Commissioning Groups, The Big Life Group, and Manchester College.

Professor Yaron Matras directs the University of Manchester’s Multilingual Manchester project. He said: “Manchester can boast an estimated 200 different languages spoken by its long-term residents. Our numerous languages are not a barrier, but a rich resource that holds powerful potential on a local and global scale. We hope the Language Forum will benefit schoolchildren, their careers and their communities in the near future, and push Manchester ahead in global commerce.”

He added: “Languages are part of our community heritage, they are a key to equality in access to services, and an important community resource. The Language Forum will help raise awareness of our cultural diversity, it will support the sharing of good practice to ensure equality, and it will help invest in language skills to support economic growth and development.”

Information and updates on the Forum’s activities will appear on the Multilingual Manchester website: http://mlm.humanities.manchester.ac.uk/

(09.03.2015, ah)