Publication of new book: Dynamics of Linguistic Diversity. Edited by Hagen Peukert and Ingrid Gogolin

This volume emphasizes the energetic nature of linguistic diversity and its consequences
of how we think about language, how it affects the individual, education in school, and
urban spaces across the globe. Hence, linguistic diversity reflects the constant state of rapid
change prevalent in modern societies bearing opportunities as well as challenges. It is the
prime objective of this selection of contributions to give a differentiated picture of the
chances of linguistic diversity. Dynamics of Linguistic Diversity pays tribute to more recent
developments in the study of language, applied linguistics, and education sciences. Contributions
in this volume discuss how the concept of language is contextualized in a world of
polylanguaging, investigate latent factors of influence, multilingual individuals, multilingual
proficiency, multilingual practices and development, multilingual communication as
well as teaching practices and whether they foster or hamper multilingual development.

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(08.06.2017, ah)