Internationale Konferenz

Conference on Language Constructs, Contexts, and Content in Classroom and Large-Scale Assessments


Numerous theoretical debates over the years have addressed the role of language constructs and context in language assessment (Bachman, 1990, 2007; Brindley, 1994; Chalhoub-Deville, 2003; Chapelle, 1998; Clark, 1972; McNamara, 1996; Norris, 2002; Young, 2000). Surprisingly, these debates have not fully addressed how assessment tasks, similar to those that examinees might encounter in real-life contexts, require the processing of meaning through language (Oller, 1979; Purpura, 2004) or the influence that content or topical knowledge exerts on language performance (Alderson & Urquhart, 1985; Clapham, 1996; Douglas, 2000; Erikson & Molloy, 1983; Skehan, 1984; Wesche, 1987). LTRC 2016 encourages the submission of proposals on any aspect of the interface among language constructs, contexts (or tasks), and content (or disciplinary subject matter, themes, topics, etc.) in language assessment in classroom or large-scale contexts.