Symposium organized by the Council of Europe: The linguistic integration of adult migrants: lessons from research


This symposium will consider to what extent and in what ways scientific evidence can inform the development of policy and practice designed to support the linguistic integration of adult migrants. It will bring together researchers from various disciplines – education, didactics, psychology, applied linguistics, sociolinguistics, etc. – as a first step towards developing an interdisciplinary inventory of research findings that relevant ministries in Council of Europe member states can use to inform their decisions concerning the linguistic integration of adult migrants.


Researchers who wish to contribute to the symposium should submit an abstract of between 150 and 250 words in English or French that
• summarises the focus, scope and findings of the research to be reported and briefly describes the methodology used;
• explains the relevance of the research to the Council of Europe’s core values, especially human rights, social inclusion and social cohesion;
• uses a maximum of five references to relate the research to other work in the area.
Please use the symposium website (available in English and French) to register for the symposium, submit an abstract, or indicate your intention of submitting an abstract at a later stage. The closing date for submission of abstracts is 15 September 2015.

Notes on possible topics:

- Adult migrants language learning

-The importance of adult migrants' L1 and their plurilingual repertoires

-Language and knowledge-of-society requirements

-Teaching methods and approaches



The symposium will be organised by the Language Policy Unit of the Council of Europe; there is no registration fee.