Internationale Konferenz

Cultural Diversity, Migration, and Education Conference in Potsdam


Migration is a key aspect of diversity in many of our classrooms and communities. While migration is not a new phenomenon, in the past few years an unprecedented number of individuals have experienced forced migration. Notably, 51% are under the age of 18 (UNHCR, 2016), making migration a critical issue for child development in the 21st century. 

Although migration can afford opportunities and environments to thrive and develop new competencies, there remain significant risks for marginalization and oppression that disadvantage migrant and refugee youth. The success of these children in education, work, and society is crucial not only for them as individuals, but for society as a whole. 

The aim of our conference is to better understand how cultural diversity and issues related to migration are potential resources that contribute to children’s positive educational experiences and promote school success.


Submission deadline: April 1st, 2018

Early bird registration for all conference participants is possible through July 1st.

  • Discounted student price (including PhD students) - 70€
  • Discounted professional price - 140€

General registration is possible from July 2nd through August 1st.

  • Student price (including PhD students) - 80€
  • Professional price - 160€

For anyone interested in attending the conference dinner on Friday, August 24th, the price is 45€ per person.